Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Jazell lives over on Lotus Street.  Gossip is that she's had plastic surgery several times.  Nobody knows for sure.  But she never seems to age.  Even with all those late nights she keeps.  She does have a busy social life,  and so many men friends.  Jazell says she just loves them all,  Church Ladies say she's a hussy.

One thing everybody agrees on,  she does have a good time.  Last summer she flew off to one of them places that's got beaches and those palm trees. Can't remember the name,  but she's been every where, and always with a different man.  She's real popular.  Why,  the mailman delivers at least a dozen letters and cards everyday. (he's one of her greatest admirers)

She usually gets flowers or candy at least once a day. Before she goes out at night, (she goes out every night),  you can see her through her bedroom window sitting in the middle of her four poster canopy bed,  reading all those love letters she got that day.

Did I tell you how she decorated her house?  You're gonna love this.  The bed is done in a deep red satin.  Jazell says it's so inspirational.  When the whole town kept gossiping' bout her,  she redid the windows too.  You guessed it.  She had large plate glass windows put in every room.  Now maybe they'll get the facts straight.

She not only does her own decoratin',  she designs her own clothes.  Needless to say,  she's a multi talented girl.  She just couldn't find clothes to do her justice,  or show off her legs.  All the men tell her she has such wonderful legs.... which she does.

Jazell is not as bad as everybody says.  She can't help it if every man that lays eyes on her,  falls instantly in love.  She tries not to encourage them,  but she can't help bein'  so gorgeous.  And besides,  she's just a naturally friendly person.

© 1989 to 2011 PJ Hornberger


  1. Poor Jazell, everybody just needs to mind their own business! ;O)

  2. Red, Jazell is not cheap, she's just popular. :)